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Cornhole Toss History

Click here for a concise history of the game.

What follows, however, is a brief synopsis of how the present web site originated.

For Christmas, 2002, friends of ours in West Chester, Ohio, were given two boxes, a few bags of corn, and a sheet of paper that described the game of "Cornhole".  It was a strange looking affair. 

As with most newbies to the game, we did not know what to expect as we examined the rules.  However, in short order (the following Spring of 2003), we finally managed to play a few games, and the excitement, nay, the frenzy of Cornhole took hold.

It was then that I thought about making a copy of the one our friend had received.  That set is shown below.

I thought it made a lot of sense to make a set with the "buckeye" of the State Flag of Ohio being the 6" diameter hole for the game.  Subsequent to this effort, I then made several more sets, and my wife began making the bags using the same type of material as our friend's used (duck cloth).

Fortunately, our "model" set was just 30 minutes away.  By July 31, 2003, I had established a web page regarding cornhole games and included the folk lore, science, and other resources you will find on this site to this day.  Initially, I started getting emails hoping I might make a few for sale;  however, at the time, it was pretty much a one man operation and there was no way I was going to get clobbered with hundreds of orders.

I also had the basic dimensions (similar to that which is presently on the site) but folks wanted more details.  Finally, I created a PowerPoint presentation which later was converted to an Adobe PDF file.  In July, 2005, it occurred to me to sell the plans for the basic model via a Pay Pal link, and the rest is sort of history.  In June, 2006, I added an option to sell specialized, custom designed "premium" sets with bags, as well as unfinished goals (without bags).  Kit pricing is also available! Go to the Products page.

I wish to thank the world Cornhole community for its patronage of not only my site, but of the sites advertised here as well.

Happy CornHoling!

 Cornhole is a game with an element of luck, but to become successful you need lots of skill.

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